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1st Library Science Talk 2012 - Social Networks: Connecting Librarians

30.01.2012 | Pubblicato in Internationale Entwicklungen , Veranstaltungen

“Social media seems to be the answer for libraries to reconnect them to their patrons. More and more libraries and information professionals can therefore be found on sites like: twitter, facebook, youtube and linkedIn. But are the expectations met?“

The Swiss National Library, CERN and AILIS invites to the 1st Library Science Talk 2012. Guest speaker Wilma van den Brink (Hogeschool van Amsterdam, HvA Mediatheek, The Netherlands) will reflect on the ideals and reality of Dutch libraries and librarians online.

The talk will take place at the following venues:

30 January (Mo) at 15.30    Geneva, ILO
31 January (Tue) at 15.30   Bern, Swiss National Library

Further information

[source: website Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek NB]

eduhub days 2012

24.01.2012 | Pubblicato in Internationale Entwicklungen , Veranstaltungen

This year’s eduhub days 2012 will be taking place on 2 and 3 April 2012 in Murten, Switzerland. It will be the 4th national meeting of the Swiss eLearning Community of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education in Switzerland.

What are the students' new learning habits? What pedagogical and organizational scenarios do exist and how can they be employed to improve modern teaching? How can Social Media be integrated into higher education? These and many more questions will be discussed under the conference title "Smart Wave — Social Trends in Learning".

Preliminary Program




19.01.2012 | Pubblicato in Internationale Entwicklungen , Repositories

OpenAIREplus (2nd Generation of Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe) was launched in Pisa in early December. The 30 month project, funded by the EC 7th Framework Programme, will work in tandem with OpenAIRE, extending the mission further to facilitate access to the entire Open Access scientific production of the European Research Area, providing cross-links from publications to data and funding schemes. This large-scale project brings together 41 pan-European partners, including three cross-disciplinary research communities.

Further information

[source: OpenAIRE website]

Mediathek Wallis: eMediathek

17.01.2012 | Pubblicato in Portale

Die Mediathek Wallis bietet ein breites Spektrum an Informationsangeboten aus den drei Bereichen Walliser Dokumentation, Medien und Informationen von allgemeinem Interesse und pädagogische Dokumentation.

Die eMediathek schafft in diesem Kontext Zugang zu den Online-Dienstleistungen und eRessourcen der Mediathek Wallis, die sich an verschiedenen Projekten zur Digitalisierung von Medien, Entwicklung von Suchinstrumenten oder Internetplattformen beteiligt.

Ein Bestandteil der eMediathek ist die Digitale Bibliothek Wallis. Nutzerinnen und Nutzer können hier über die Plattform des Westschweizer Bibliotheksverbundes RERO DOC auf derzeit 5‘362 elektronischen Datensätze der Mediathek Wallis zugreifen.

[Quelle: Website Mediathek Wallis]

APE 2012: Semantic Web, Data & Publishing

12.01.2012 | Pubblicato in Internationale Entwicklungen , Veranstaltungen

The 7th "Academic Publishing in Europe" Conference will take place in Berlin, Germany, on 24 and 25 January 2012. APE Conferences aim at a better understanding of scholarly communication and the role of information in science, education and society.

Under the title “Semantic Web, Data & Publishing” this year’s conference provides a broad scope of sessions related to topics like research excellence, peer reviewing, use of information, content innovation, funding and investing, new types of information, enabling technologies, repositories, search engines and access and sharing of knowledge.


[source: APE website]

e-codices: nuovi manoscritti e possibilità di ricerca migliorate

09.01.2012 | Pubblicato in Digitalisierung , Portale

La biblioteca virtuale dei manoscritti conservati in Svizzera continua a crescere. Recentemente sono stati inseriti 31 nuovi manoscritti, tra i quali alcuni della Biblioteca ministeriale di Sciaffusa e della Biblioteca dell’abbazia di Einsiedeln. Al momento sono così disponibili 864 manoscritti da 35 diverse biblioteche.

Inoltre l’interfaccia di ricerca di e-codices  è stata migliorata con l’introduzione di tre nuovi campi per la ricerca su dei soggetti specifici. Oltre agli aspetti già esistenti, gli utilizzatori possono ora effettuare delle ricerche  nei campi “datato”, “illuminato” o “notazione musicale”.

[Fonte: e-codices newsletter no. 4]

Portale Web Versione italiana e ricerca in e-codices

05.01.2012 | Pubblicato in Digitalisierung , Portale

Da oggi il Portale Web è a disposizione dei nostri utenti non solo in tedesco, francese ed inglese, ma anche in italiano.

Inoltre con il passaggio alla versione più recente del motore di ricerca del software è possibile effettuare direttamente delle ricerche in e-codices (manoscritti medievali e della prima età moderna in Svizzera), un sottoprogetto di Neue Zeitschriften online verfügbar

04.01.2012 | Pubblicato in Digitalisierung

Das Angebot der über die Plattform zugänglichen wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften hat sich erweitert. Die folgenden digitalisierten Zeitschriften sind neu im Volltext online verfügbar: