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About us

" Swiss electronic library" is a project with the aim of creating a national portal to offer improved availability of scientific information on a sustainable basis and make it easier to search and access it. At the same time, cooperation between libraries and scientific institutions in all regions should be strengthened.

The overall project comprises 20 sub-projects including, the portal for Swiss academic libraries. This brings together the results that have already been produced by the sub-projects, such as applications, services, information resources, guidelines and platforms, and allows users to search simultaneously across all products and to have centralised access to information resources.

The portal is operated by the ETH-Bibliothek Zurich. This is also where the coordination service is located, which is the point of contact for everyone involved in the project and responsible for providing information about all activities related to Libraries and scientific institutions which would like to make their products and services available via are welcome to contact the coordination service:

More on sponsorship and organisation of the project